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PSD to Email Template

The best and most effective way to retain the attention of your customers online is through the use of an email design that will mesmerize the email viewers and lure them to take immediate action. Most marketing departments believe this that the most compelling reason for the email viewer to take action likes in the copy and the well designed email template design.  At Chop Factory we believe while the design is important, it has to chopped into HTML markup that will open up in every users email client alike.   To enable this we take pains to test the email in various email clients and web based free accounts to check the quality of the marketing asset.  This can only be achieved with the help of PSD to HTML template services offering such high quality as PSD to Email and PSD to XHTML conversions.  Chop Factory highly skilled development staff pays at most attention to detail.

Apart from attracting visitors to the site, the webpage vitally functions as an information source to these online visitors. The complexity involved in the functioning of the site is among the key reasons behind the increase in bounce rates in various well designed websites. Therefore, many web designing companies are falling back on adopting and using techniques, such as the PSD to Email Template Conversion Service for ensuring better functionality to their designs. This results in designs becoming more Search engine friendly and helps the visitor online to navigate the site for gathering required information without much trouble.

There are many PSD to XHTML Email template and PSD to Email Design service providers available online.   The web designers, marketers and email marketing gurus rely on Chop Factory to provide highest open, click to conversion ratios thanks to our constant R&D and investing in training and best practice to create pixel perfect designs in HTML. 

We ensure the emails are web optimized and that they load quickly. The hand coding used for this type of conversion will assure that the recipients may find the most appropriate and highly speed optimized service for their email templates without any compromises.

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High quality Markup using slicing best practices

Providing high quality HTML markup is very important to us and we follow slicing industry best practices:

  • We deliver manually coded HTML markup files with clean code and nestling structure.
  • We ensure the HTML markup and the PSD design is pixel perfect.
  • The Code is W3C compliant and uses intuitive naming conventions for file names, CSS classes and images. Ensure images maintain quality even when they are resized to be used for the web browser.
  • Based on each client’s needs, we cross browser test our code before delivering it to you.

Source File Formats Accepted

We accept source files in all common formats, including PSD (PhotoShop), PNG, AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF and even existing HTML.

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